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To empower people by creating platforms that advance entrepreneurial ingenuity using technology applications and innovations.

Due to the constant and massive growth of the telecommunications sector in Asia-Pacific region, we also aim to develop other applications that primarily target subscribers of telecoms companies.

We also aim to provide our employees with personal and career development. We shall constantly improve our customer relations and services by reducing customer-response time to the shortest possible time. Lastly, we aim to give our shareholders fair return on their equity.


We want to lead in developing solutions and applications for Corporate, Direct Sales and Non-traditional marketing thru innovative and convergent use of internet, information and communication technologies. By 2010, VMobile shall be acclaimed as the most successful company in honing world-class ‘technopreneurs‘ by integrating social networks with innovative platforms that support and promote cooperative and independent trading.

LoadXtreme® shall be lauded as Asia’s Amazon.com for prepaid products and services. Filipinos shall then be regarded as a race fit for global competition and excellence.


Empowerment through technology.

We believe in empowering the Filipinos through our tested Technology. We want to provide viable business opportunities to our fellowmen who want to become entrepreneurs. We want our members to realize their dreams. Most importantly, we want to make a difference by helping them to become independent and successful TECHNOPRENEURS.